How to stay organized while working from home

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Working from home can be challenging, whether you are a consummate pro or a newcomer, due to the pandemic. There are twice as many distractions with family, partners, roommates, children and in many cases you. Short of locking yourself in a closet and hoping no one finds you, I would say your best bet is to lay down some ground rules.

Get up and dressed in the morning at the very hour you would normally, to prepare for work. Have a hearty breakfast find a quiet spot and post up a work zone notice for those wayward interrupters. Schedule your day with goals in mind. Take a timed lunch. Make sure to participate in small talk with your coworkers if that is apart of your normal routine. Lastly and most importantly clock off. The best part of working from home is all the time you save on commuting. Enjoy!

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